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As 2007 rapidly draws to a close, bloggers everywhere are writing lists of the year’s best and worst of everything, and I’ve finally found one worth reading to share.

Via RedmondMag, with everything from Most Influential Exec to Sharpest Microsoft Competitor and Coolest Hair, there’s something for everyone to ponder!

BTW, the Coolest Hair accolade goes to Ray Ozzie.


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Back …with more Byte!

Hi all! I’m back after about a month on pause. The last month has included a week long trip to Paris, a visit to our local zoo 😉 and a busy work life (almost) finishing an Xcelsius executive dashboard for a large UK client. Check out some holiday pics below.

100_0456View_from_SacreCoeur 100_0513Jim_at_Concorde 100_0652Mel_at_NotreDame 100_0570Inside_Louvre 100_0684Jim_DublinZoo

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While checking some blog stats this evening I came across some referrals from Xcelsius evangelist Ryan Goodman’s site. Ryan keeps an updated list of sites containing Xcelsius material (tips, examples etc.) and he’s linked me on there. Here’s what he had to say about Jim Bytes:

This is a great site with interesting information and some original
Xcelsius work that is well done. Always interesting information right
up my alley on here.

Thanks for the link Ryan! I hope your visitors continue to come my way, there’s some more great sample dashboards in my pipeline.

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I reached another blogging milestone of sorts overnight. The Akismet plug-in has now blocked it’s first 1,000 spam comments. Thanks Akismet, and all the folks at WordPress for having the vision and good sense to include it in your offering. The accuracy is incredible and it has never failed me even as my traffic and spam have increased four fold over the past month.

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This is probably the funniest and most original thing I’ve seen on YouTube in ages, and I think my geek rating just went through the roof cos I got almost all of them!

Most are references to the internet sensations of the last 12 months or so ( LonelyGirl,Ask a Ninja etc ) but some go way back, remember the antics of Lars Ulrich in “Napster Bad”? Hats off to Dan Meth 😉

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