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Back …with more Byte!

Hi all! I’m back after about a month on pause. The last month has included a week long trip to Paris, a visit to our local zoo 😉 and a busy work life (almost) finishing an Xcelsius executive dashboard for a large UK client. Check out some holiday pics below.

100_0456View_from_SacreCoeur 100_0513Jim_at_Concorde 100_0652Mel_at_NotreDame 100_0570Inside_Louvre 100_0684Jim_DublinZoo

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I reached another blogging milestone of sorts overnight. The Akismet plug-in has now blocked it’s first 1,000 spam comments. Thanks Akismet, and all the folks at WordPress for having the vision and good sense to include it in your offering. The accuracy is incredible and it has never failed me even as my traffic and spam have increased four fold over the past month.

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This is probably the funniest and most original thing I’ve seen on YouTube in ages, and I think my geek rating just went through the roof cos I got almost all of them!

Most are references to the internet sensations of the last 12 months or so ( LonelyGirl,Ask a Ninja etc ) but some go way back, remember the antics of Lars Ulrich in “Napster Bad”? Hats off to Dan Meth 😉

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I needed cheering up this evening and stumbled upon this. How many memories does this bring back of Saturday night tv? See if it makes you giggle!

Download it here!

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I’ve decided to post this for 2 reasons:

  1. Despite all the scaremongering that the security and anti-virus companies in our industry engage in, I dont get all that much spam, especially phishing emails
  2. I hope this will help educate others to spot a fake and avoid the thievery of phishing artists

I received this email at the weekend. Thanks to Gmail, it went straight in my spam folder but I couldn’t resist a peak when I saw it titled Account Managment.


I’ve highlighted the giveaway signs that this is a fake :

  1. The originating address is a Yahoo.com account created under the name PayPal Security Center
  2. The URL that you’re asked to follow to “update your account information” does not mention PayPal nor any valid portion of an actual PayPal site URL, simplying referring to an IP address that could be Joe Bloggs in God knows where.

Following the URL brings you to a very convincing recreation of the PayPal homepage, but in my case Firefox immediately flagged it as a reported phishing page.


If this helps just 1 person avoid a rip off it’s worth the time taken to post so please keep your browser and it’s plug-ins up to date to make sure you catch this sort of thing.noelia youtube harry potter ron paul iphone harry potter spoiler galilea montijo el jueves theresa duncan paris hilton twango google facebook music deathly hallows

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Oh dear! All that good will, innovation and forward thinking and as usual a few teenage boys had to mess it up. The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project was a great idea and though it took a while, it eventually got off and running with shipments of laptops to Third World areas. Reports today say that recipients in an Abuja school have been abusing the gifts by freely viewing porn at their school.

It’s somewhat disappointing in this instance to be reminded that people really are the same the world over, especially teenage boys. Even the less fortunate like these youngsters seem to know that the internet is filled with more porn than they could ever view in what might remain of their lives, and all too keen to explore, such is the curiosity of youth.

Children grow up far too quickly throughout the world as it is today. Lets hope the filtering software due to be added to the OLPC units as a result of this will save some kids their innocence for a few more years.

Participate in OLPC harry potter noelia youtube ron paul el jueves harry potter spoiler xu jinglei harry potter ending bebo harry potter spoilers iphone deathly hallows galilea montijo “el jueves”

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Blogger power is great! No sooner had I posted earlier today that blog helper site Bligter was not mentioned on TechCrunch than along came the search engine referrals, and blow me, they paid some attention.

Presumably the rears of those responsible for Bligter marketing were kicked and it’s now listed on TechCrunch. Due to moderation, my own contribution hasn’t made it on there yet.

Bligter on TechCrunch Swicki

Your favourite Irish bookie is now taking bets on whether Arrington and the Crunch crew will actually review the site 😉50 cent akon authority bebo beyonce britney dailymotion digby facebook fergie flickr google harry potter hillary iphone myspace paris hilton paul potts you tube

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