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If not, now you can get up to speed thanks to the recent release of Information Architects Web Trends 2007 guide. Think Gartner’s Magic Quadrants but for all interests/industries at the same time, all on one page, and unlike most of Gartner’s industry analysis, it’s free!


Find out who’s waining by remaining Web 1.0 and those gaining at the cutting edge of 2.5 here. More importantly, read the full story and learn how to use it to your company’s advantage here.

This is an excellent v2 of the project, with the next revision due in December. Well done to all!!harry potter youtube noelia frank rich ron paul harry potter spoiler el jueves deathly hallows iphone galilea


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Looks like I wasn’t alone yesterday in experiencing an identity crisis on LinkedIn. Vincent Wright of MyLinkedInPowerForum.com became Frank for a while.

All seems to be sorted this morning though.youtube ron paul noelia frank rich iphone harry potter music myspace paris hilton descargar

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I’ve just logged in to LinkedIn and was greeted by something out of the ordinary, LinkedIn thinks I’m Moe! Now who the hell Moe is (or his buddy Ken Halpin) I’ve no idea.


The funny thing is though, if I click on the My Contacts or My Profile tabs it does show my own profile and correct contacts.


Looks like something screwy is going on with the login. I must add though that I’ve managed to reproduce this several times in the last half hour and it even happened after running CCleaner to banish cookies etc.

Has anyone else experienced this over the last few hours or days? I see no mention of planned maintenance etc that might cause this behaviour on the LinkedIn blog.

Maybe it’s time I thought about the change to Facebook, all the cool kids seem to be on there, and this would never happen right!

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Scroll down the end of the YouTube home page today and you’ll find a new link. It seems Google is further helping to shape the direction and hone the creativity of YouTube development by giving it the Google Labs treatment with the release of Test Tube.


It’s the same deal as Digg Labs and others, an incubation area for new site features. Unlike the main site though, you do need to sign up for a YouTube account to gain access.


Go sign up right now because the Stream idea just might be worth a look. Stream allows you to chat with the people online who are watching the same videos that you are. It’s Flash based  and slow to load (forgiveable for Beta!) but worth a look.

The odd thing about it is the very low key mention of it. I’d have had the logo on the main video site, but I guess Streams cant handle the traffic volume the main site gets on a daily basis right now, so don’t tell too many folks ok!

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