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I reached another blogging milestone of sorts overnight. The Akismet plug-in has now blocked it’s first 1,000 spam comments. Thanks Akismet, and all the folks at WordPress for having the vision and good sense to include it in your offering. The accuracy is incredible and it has never failed me even as my traffic and spam have increased four fold over the past month.


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It’s been quite a while since I did a “One to Watch” post mentioning a site you might want to check out, and since most of my recent work life has been centered around data visualisation, I thought it time I mentioned KPILibrary.

If you are what you measure, how do you know where to start with your BI / dashboarding project. Divided into categories by industry, it’s populated by user contributed KPI definitions and it just might get you off the ground. Do you know what you should be measuring? What are others measuring their success on and how often?

Check it out. The articles on the blog are worth a look too!

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SilverLight RC1.0 was released today and with it this weekend came my invite to join the PopFly beta. I signed up to the wait list mid week so it only took a couple of days, and what a pretty invite it is!

Microsoft PopFly Invitation

After accepting, creating a short profile as a first time user and a quick SilverLight download later I was gasping in wonderment. My first two thoughts were “Wow” followed by “It’s time to dig out the Javascript Bible!”. I haven’t given the web page designer a spin yet,but did give the mashups a go. Here’s the designer in all it’s drag and drop glory.

PopFly Mashups Designer

The list of available application blocks both preloaded by the PopFly team and those created by the growing community is already impressive, though many of the user blocks I tried refused to load due to invalid XML.

It’s really quick to get something simple up and running too. In under 5 minutes I had a block pulling pictures tagged with Windows Vista into an iTunes type carousel display. It’s that simple!


Those blessed with a knowledge of Javascript can dive right in to customise any application block or write their own from scratch. For other mere mortals there’s video tutorials a plenty.

Well done to Microsoft on a fantastic web applications platform for the aspiring web community. I’m glad you’ve kept this firmly on the roadmap and look forward to a multitude of new features in coming releases.noelia ron paul youtube paris hilton harry potter beyonce falls iphone blogher descargar beyonce utube blogher07 mallu google authority

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Every now and then you stumble on a real gem of a site and 9Tutorials is just such a treasure. I came across it a few months ago and thought it time I shared!
Armed with a copy of Photoshop, a good eye for colour and the guides from this site alone, you can create a fantastic looking site for your startup in no time at all. With the weekend upon us, why wait?

The bulk of the site’s content is based around using Photoshop but Flash, ASP, PHP and other popular platforms and technologies get coverage too.

Well worth a look for startups are the posts on creating your own Web 2.0 style logo like this one


and creating a Web 2.0 style site template like this one (anything but pink though please!)


Now all you need is that great idea and this when it’s released 😉noelia ron paul youtube harry potter twango iphone netflix facebook theresa duncan music paris hilton myspace google minube spoiler

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If not, now you can get up to speed thanks to the recent release of Information Architects Web Trends 2007 guide. Think Gartner’s Magic Quadrants but for all interests/industries at the same time, all on one page, and unlike most of Gartner’s industry analysis, it’s free!


Find out who’s waining by remaining Web 1.0 and those gaining at the cutting edge of 2.5 here. More importantly, read the full story and learn how to use it to your company’s advantage here.

This is an excellent v2 of the project, with the next revision due in December. Well done to all!!harry potter youtube noelia frank rich ron paul harry potter spoiler el jueves deathly hallows iphone galilea

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That’s it, I’m sick to the teeth of BlogPatrol and it’s inability to cope with connected users. I’ve used it since starting this blog simply because it was the first half decent looking free effort that I came across on a Google search for free counters. It seems every second time I try log onto it lately I get this error.


Can anyone suggest a free alternative counter that provides decent breakdowns of all relevant site stats ? I’ve just one requirement … I must be able to start it off at changeover by setting it to my current count at the time.

BlogPatrol, if you read this maybe you could let us know what you plan to do about your traffic problems!

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WebJam has just gone live and launched at the LeWeb3 event in Paris. Natali has the lowdown on it at TechCrunch.You can get a feel for it’s capabilities from the demo below. It looks like a Ning killer to me!

“It’s very powerful because it’s bringing the power of communicating tothe next level,” said Yann Motte, co-founder and managing director ofWebjam. “Sharing is fine, but so what? We will make people better byallowing them to build on the communities of what Webjam is doing. Ifyou have no clue on how to run a Web site, you can go to Webjam, pickone you like, and just replicated it.”

Is this the future of web based portals and user generated content type sites? There’s been a lot of buzz about de-portalization this week (the death of portals) and this may just start a few new ones.

Give it a go and let me know what you think. Is it easy to learn and produce respectable looking results? Are we about to see an explosion of more imaginative user generated content sites pulled from all over the web? Is this the start of a copycat epidemic or the infancy of Web 3.0?

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