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Well shit me, less than two months into retail life and Apple have kicked off selling refurbished handsets! Has there really been that many burnt out sensors and factory rejects to refurbish? Man I’d be pissed if I shelled out $600 on June 29th.


Get the full story and comments at Engadget.

Are these factories infested with creepy crawlies or what? I’ll say it for the third and final time – quality slide!

FYI, this is post no. 100, a mini blogging milestone for Jim Bytes. To those regular readers, thanks, and keep reading!


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I’m off to Cork for a few days vacation and will get back to Web 2.0 and the like on my return but for now here’s just one more iPhone related post to chew.

The LA Times today tells us “Some iPhone Glitches reported” since it’s launch on Friday last. Credit staff writers Josh and Ronald with understatement of the day. Analyst reports today indicate sales of over 500K units over the weekend and other stories tell of up to 20% of those new owners still waiting to be activated…4 days later!

Tell me, how does a company like Apple, launching a product that much of their future will depend on, neglect to ensure adequate server support, load balancing and the general well-being of the iTunes service (on which the activation depends) on launch weekend? Not only that but apparently they never communicated to partner AT&T that they expected to “sell shit loads of this phone so you lot may get a few calls”.

Chowdhry said AT&T apparently had insufficient technical support
staff on hand because it hadn’t prepared for such heavy demand.

I’ve posted before about a lack of focus and a quality slide at Apple, and here we are again.

It’s a worrying trend as this is yet another example of standards
slipping at Apple. It’s only about 6 weeks since we saw about 1000
iPods ship infected with a Windows virus thanks to an infected pc at
the manufacturing site.

Management heads should roll where 20% of consumers cant activate the item they waited 6 months and queued 24 hours plus to get hold of…period.

Pity this guy after spending his dollars. Good luck calling support man!
(Thanks to Damien who spotted the video)

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….now that I’ve got your attention 😉 check out the video of this new owner as she undresses her iPhone and takes you through it’s activation and some of the much talked about features. Enjoy!

Unboxing the iPhone – WirelessInfo.com

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Tom makes some great points in his post today about the looming disaster that could be Friday’s iPhone launch in the US. I’ve always been fond of my Nokias and having read his info I’m rethinking my next upgrade, even if only half turns out to be true.


How will the contracts work here (if they ever decide on a provider), and just how much money will we have to send Apple’s way?

And what about support? If Tom’s source is right it makes me wonder if the Techmeme story of a few weeks ago showing the AT&T iPhone Support manual the employees were receiving in training was a very deliberate leak.

Think about it. As that support manager you’ve got to impress the boss on launch weekend so to keep down the no. of incoming calls would you leak the handbook your employees received? That should cut the no. of calls around activation and navigation annoyances ….mmmmm. iphone youtube noelia ron paul frank rich myspace paris hilton skyblog dailymotion descargar facebook videos music bebo google

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Is it a trick of the mind or is the original hand bigger?

Judge for yourself over at BoingBoing.youtube ron paul myspace noelia dailymotion bebo iphone paris hilton facebook videos akon music naruto xanga britney

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The big TechCrunch story yesterday was the news that Apple are likely to start selling ringtones on iTunes to coincide with the release of the iPhone. I think it’s a very natural step and the video linked provides some compelling evidence. Judge for yourselves.

Jobs really is a genius. Since dropping the Computers piece of the Apple name and rebranding as a media company, this would appear to be a killer move on their part to further dominate in the mobile media world.

As for Mike Arrington’s dismissal of consumer opinion on the high pricing, well I wouldn’t be so quick to do so.

This news comes as others are talking about the price of the iPhone, which studies are sayingis too high for consumers to stomach. My instincts tell me the studies are meaningless, though, and that Apple will sell these things as fast as they can produce them in Taiwan.

These pro bloggers eh, what happened to listening to the consumer? Yeah they’ll sell, but not like the iPod, until the price drops, period.

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What a day! On the day that saw Steve Jobs actually agree with Bill Gates on the fact that current DRM technology is the mother of evils and asking the music industry to make it disappear, Apple has asked iPod owners to steer clear of Vista for ” a few more weeks” until they can release a fully Vista compatible build of the iTunes software.

Apparently iPod owners running Vista have been using the system tray USB tool to stop and remove the unit rather than ejecting it first from within the iTunes software an today’s Apple statement suggests this can lead to corruption, rendering the device useless. Remember folks, it’s not just your average USB key drive so you’ve got to treat it a little differently!

Microsoft has a team on the case and already released an update for Vista to allow iTunes downloads play correctly. It seems now Apple are the ones playing software catch up again!

Apple warns iPod users against Vista – Telegraph.co.uk

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