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As 2007 rapidly draws to a close, bloggers everywhere are writing lists of the year’s best and worst of everything, and I’ve finally found one worth reading to share.

Via RedmondMag, with everything from Most Influential Exec to Sharpest Microsoft Competitor and Coolest Hair, there’s something for everyone to ponder!

BTW, the Coolest Hair accolade goes to Ray Ozzie.


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This is probably the funniest and most original thing I’ve seen on YouTube in ages, and I think my geek rating just went through the roof cos I got almost all of them!

Most are references to the internet sensations of the last 12 months or so ( LonelyGirl,Ask a Ninja etc ) but some go way back, remember the antics of Lars Ulrich in “Napster Bad”? Hats off to Dan Meth 😉

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I needed cheering up this evening and stumbled upon this. How many memories does this bring back of Saturday night tv? See if it makes you giggle!

Download it here!

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What can I say ….only in America? Here’s a guy who’s got 2 Zune tattoos, and enough room for many more!

Story / Comments on Engadget here : What kind of man gets two Zune tattoos?

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Sunday = Funday so here’s some humour. One of the most watched videos on YouTube at the moment, well executed by Conan and Co!

Enjoy!1. Iphone 2. Saddam 3. Trainwrecks 4. Michelle Manhar 5. Youtube
6. Tammy Nyp 7. Daniela Cicarel… 8. Britney Spears 9. Spocko 10. Studivz
11. Ron Paul 12. Shawn Hornbeck 13. Hey!watch 14. Bush Speech 15. Marketing

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Tom Raftery had a great post a few days ago with a video of a laughing baby from YouTube. Well if you thought one cute baby laughing was funny, try these 4 for size!

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I called it right in a post a while back. Now Robert Scoble has provided the evidence courtesy of contributors to his Scobleizer blog. This pic is a joke but I’m sure the thought crosses their minds regularly whether or not to do Goobuntu or whatever they might call a full blown Google OS.

The master plan is a whiteboard on display for all to see and goes some ways to demonstrating the humour and fun that’s all part of working at Google. It’s funny to read that someone recently erased it, kinda symbollic really, almost as if all bets are off as to what’s coming next now that they’ve got hold of YouTube eh?

Check out the full size image of the Google Master Plan.

I’m off to check the Google vacancies, I could use a laugh 😉

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