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Oh the joys of blogging eh! Over the past few months I’ve gone from resisting a move to the new Blogger ( until forced ) to trying out WordPress 2.1 on a free hosting provider that said they supported PHP & MySQL (only to delete my test WordPress database after just a week for no apparent reason) to ending up mirrored on WordPress.com. Phew!!

While transferring the existing Blogger posts to WordPress I used the so called Magic Button and it worked sweet as a nut first time. A couple days later though I decided to try it again to bring in posts added since the original transfer …man was that a mistake.

Here’s what happened when I clicked the so called Magic Button for the second time.

Duplicates OnWordPress.com Import from Blogger

I ended up with around 100 duplicated posts that had to be picked through and manually removed. I’d read about this problem about 6 weeks prior and with no update thought safe to assume that it had been sorted. I think Twenty had similar problems with his earlier move.

Bad form WordPress. With the rate the hosted offering is growing, these teething problems , particularly with transfers from the more popular platforms should be getting sorted a damn site quicker.

So, be warned, don’t press the Magic Button twice!


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