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Now this is interesting reading, courtesy of Wired.It seems with a little know how the Nike+iPod training combo that folks raved about on it’s release could allow others invade your privacy, tracking every step you take. Could your habitual lunch time jog be plotted for the world to see?

Apparently the RFID signal output from the Nike shoe back to the widget in the Nano is too strong, recievable up to 60 feet away and is thereby interceptable to other receivers and hacked hardware.

Nike+iPod Nano

The fact that the trend looks set to continue with more of this type of device appearing all the time as folks continually research ubiquitous computing ( chips in clothing etc) is a tad worrying.

In their report, the researchers detail a scenario in which a stalkerwho wants to know when his ex-girlfriend is at home taps into her Nike+iPod system. He simply hides the gumstix device next to her door, andit registers her presence as she passes by in her Nike shoes. If headds a small “wifistix” antenna to the device, it can transmit thisinformation to any nearby Wi-Fi access point and alert him to herpresence via SMS or by plotting her location on Google Maps.

Nike+iPod=Surveillance – Wired (Check out the images, just like something from Bond!)

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This week Apple released an OS update containing no less than 22 fixes, 12 of which were security holes. Is this some kind of record I wonder ? The fixes address hacks like buffer overflows and remote code execution, attack methods that we’ve seen long since patched again and again for Windows. It’s no different nor greater really is it ?


For more details on these vulnerabilities, check out the link below:

Apple patches 22 security holes in Mac OS X

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Oh yes they did! At least there’s only a few of them though..phew. Check out the CrunchGear story from the link below.Apple got it right with the bright pink and green, the same shades of pink and green that made a name for Benetton years ago, and while I can see the girlie attraction, it just doesn’t work on Zune IMHO.

Pink Zunes Surface at random

Does it matter? We all know it should be about ease of navigation and functionality and low cost add-ons that enhance the entertainment experience, but releasing the unit in the same colours (we’ll ignore the shoe leather brown!) as the iPod is shameful plagiarism, a real disappointment and a sad reflection on the Zune Team. There’s so much more imagination among all the talent at Microsoft that could have delivered so much more for this device in every way. Just look at what the Office 2007 team did with the new ribbon interface, fresh and innovative.

What’s your experience with or opinion on Zune? Leave a comment.

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Here’s a site you might not have seen on your travels. Your 15 Minutes.com could be one to watch, with the promise of 15 Minutes TV and Radio coming soon. Visit the site to upload your picture, video intro/pitch or flash demo of your product and the site guarantees to post you on the front page for at least 15 minutes, for free. How’s that for promotion? The site supposedly changes 96 times a day so you’ll get your turn.

Yeah it looks and probably sounds amateurish right now, with layout problems in Mozilla based browsers and the front page showing someone’s cat, but with some imagination it could be a handy free advertising tool for startups. Damn it, post your logo or flash demo and see what happens eh ? Make sure whatever you post carries your website address so you can monitor referrals and any traffic boost that may happen.

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It seems like the more I read about the Zune from Microsoft, the better I feel about having gone with my iPod Nano a few weeks ago. I was really tempted to wait for the Zune launch (and maybe grab a bargain) but thought it best to go with the devil you know and all that. Man am I glad.

While I haven’t played with one yet, everything I see and hear screams stay away, from that awful shoebox brown colour and the chunky casing to the dreary looking home, travel and car accessories packs, and worst of all, the awful attempt at a community website with Zune.net.

I think this post from David Galbraith says it all:

I just saw a Zune, and guess what? Its a piece of shit.

It’s best to let a better writer than myself bury the Zune, however. Andy Ihnatko in the Chicago sun-Times lets rip:

Yes, Microsoft’s new Zune digital music player is just plain dreadful. I’ve spent a week setting this thing up and using it, and the overall experience is about as pleasant as having an airbag deploy in your face.”

Take the Zune off your Christmas list folks, even the Wi-Fi trickery (that was the key differentiator til they stupidly crippled it with the “3 plays or 3 days” DRM rules) wont save this lame duck.

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