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Yesterday’s Microsoft Show and Tell has fueled a lot of blogs the past 2 days. There’s plenty of coverage on Techmeme and elsewhere, but in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the plan for the next financial year and beyond.

MS Roadmap Beyond 2008

Items of note include the many incarnations planned for Dynamics, including LiveCRM, the mention of the intention to pursue developing PopFly (the slick web mashups platform still in beta) and Windows Automotive (opinion is divided over having Windows running anthing in your car!).

The less said about the planned next generation Zune player the better 😉


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Vista is hardly out the doors but the Microsoft machine rolls on with word that the next gen OS, codenamed Vienna, is expected sometime in 2009, promising great things from virtualisation and a revolutionary new interface. We’ll see eh!

Meanwhile, Vista developers are busy with the Fiji service pack, and rumour has it this will appear far earlier than originally planned. Take up of Vista must be good, that or Microsoft is resolved to further deliver on quality for Vista by getting the bundled fixes out the door faster than ever before.

Vista successor Vienna planned for Late 2009 – Engadget

Mac lovers, what do you think of Vista, and will Vienna be a Leopard clone?

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What a day! On the day that saw Steve Jobs actually agree with Bill Gates on the fact that current DRM technology is the mother of evils and asking the music industry to make it disappear, Apple has asked iPod owners to steer clear of Vista for ” a few more weeks” until they can release a fully Vista compatible build of the iTunes software.

Apparently iPod owners running Vista have been using the system tray USB tool to stop and remove the unit rather than ejecting it first from within the iTunes software an today’s Apple statement suggests this can lead to corruption, rendering the device useless. Remember folks, it’s not just your average USB key drive so you’ve got to treat it a little differently!

Microsoft has a team on the case and already released an update for Vista to allow iTunes downloads play correctly. It seems now Apple are the ones playing software catch up again!

Apple warns iPod users against Vista – Telegraph.co.uk

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Celebrations are underway for all those at Microsoft around the world as today marks the public availability of Windows Vista. When the smoke clears tomorrow, once the bosses have seen the keynotes et all that has gone into the most recent $500 million marketing campaign and bought into it, many admins will no doubt start sweating as they ponder how to roll it out.

transitions en 3D, fenêtres translucides...

Sweat no more for all you need to know is already available via Technet. Find all you need on drivers, hardware compatibility and step by step deployment at the Vista TechCenter.

The Wow starts now ….indeed!

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Now you can have all the Britney Spears you want for your Zune running on the RTM release of Vista. Yesterday Microsoft released a (long awaited in some cases) hefty software and firmware update to v1.2 that makes the Zune unit compatible on Windows Vista. Fixes include imrovements in video loading speed too apparently.

So if you’ve had a Zune stuck in a drawer since you bought it cos Vista wouldn’t play nicely it’s time to dust it off. You can get the update via the Windows Update service or via this direct link.

Note, this update is not for Vista RC releases, you’ll have to wait til Jan 30th!

Full story here from ZuneInsider.com.

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Hey all! Last Thursday saw the official launch of Windows Vista, and for the first time ever in Microsoft history, the simultaneous launch of Office 2007. Enough folks blogged about Steve Ballmer’s speech in NY on the day so I wont bore you with it.

What you may not know is that tomorrow is the official launch of Vista in Ireland, and you can read the keynote etc on this specially created virtual launch site.


Get the full buzz from the horse’s mouth – Technet Ireland Blog

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Hey all! I’m back posting after an absence due to illness. I’d hoped nothing much would happen but wouldn’t you know it there’s been plenty to blog about, so I’ll just mention a few key events of the last 10 days:

  • Vista went to RTM (released to manufacturing) – Early reports on finalised functionality are good and man I wish I had a pc fit to run the damn thing.The pirates raced to release it and the web is already flooded with copies, even the Ultimate edition hasn’t been spared. The pirates are using a few keys that have been built into the RTM release for quick building so expect a patch soon to break these.
  • Office 2007 also went to RTM – I’ve been reading quite a bit on the next generation office release over the last few months and it sure looks impressive. I’ll be getting hold of a copy soon so hang out for a verdict. I’m not so sure on the “ribbon interface” but innovation is always good, and the Business Intelligence and simplified reporting will surely be the key selling points for serious users.
  • Playstation 3 launched – Riots and all sorts of mayhem broke out in the US last Friday when the PS3 launched. We Europeans (and my girlfriend!) have to wait til March, that kinda sucks. A quick search on ebay.com today has 760 listings for PS3, such is the number of lousy gits who just bought a unit to resell for a quick profit. May all your thumbs fall off, and soon !!

I hope this week holds more excitement 😉

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