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Celebrations are underway for all those at Microsoft around the world as today marks the public availability of Windows Vista. When the smoke clears tomorrow, once the bosses have seen the keynotes et all that has gone into the most recent $500 million marketing campaign and bought into it, many admins will no doubt start sweating as they ponder how to roll it out.

transitions en 3D, fenĂȘtres translucides...

Sweat no more for all you need to know is already available via Technet. Find all you need on drivers, hardware compatibility and step by step deployment at the Vista TechCenter.

The Wow starts now ….indeed!

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That’s it, I’m sick to the teeth of BlogPatrol and it’s inability to cope with connected users. I’ve used it since starting this blog simply because it was the first half decent looking free effort that I came across on a Google search for free counters. It seems every second time I try log onto it lately I get this error.


Can anyone suggest a free alternative counter that provides decent breakdowns of all relevant site stats ? I’ve just one requirement … I must be able to start it off at changeover by setting it to my current count at the time.

BlogPatrol, if you read this maybe you could let us know what you plan to do about your traffic problems!

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I read earlier this week that Apple are planning a big ad during the upcoming Super Bowl to announce the availability of The Beatles catalog on their iTunes Store. Big deal!

Is anyone else tired of the remaining Beatles cashing in all the time ? Doesn’t everyone who can rip or download MP3s already have at least one of their greatest hits albums, or that CD that has their entire catalog on 1 menu driven disc that was for sale underground a few years back ? Aren’t we tired of making wrinkly McCartney richer by the day? After that fucking awful “Love” album last Christmas I say boycott the money grabbing asshole and if you must, download elsewhere and dont part with a red cent!

And to Apple, come on! Wake up and smell what Microsoft is actually getting right with the Zune. It’s Zune Social site is higlighting lots of upcoming new acts, encouraging downloads of something different. What’s your next move?

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Sunday = Funday so here’s some humour. One of the most watched videos on YouTube at the moment, well executed by Conan and Co!

Enjoy!1. Iphone 2. Saddam 3. Trainwrecks 4. Michelle Manhar 5. Youtube
6. Tammy Nyp 7. Daniela Cicarel… 8. Britney Spears 9. Spocko 10. Studivz
11. Ron Paul 12. Shawn Hornbeck 13. Hey!watch 14. Bush Speech 15. Marketing

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I WANT an iPhone!

Well it’s official, the worst kept secret of the second half of 2006 was confirmed, unveiled by Steve Jobs today. The iPhone is a reality and believe me you’re gonna want one.


You can see details of the very impressive specs and all the launch photos you could ever wish to drool over here, courtesy of the Engadget story. By the way, it’s running …well what else …OS X!All other mobile vendors take note, this is some serious innovation and there’s a definite long term vision behind all this that all of you are lacking. The intelligent decision to use an iTunes style interface when docked , coupled with an ever more familiar operating system, will help sway loyal iPod fans and eliminate that alien feeling you often get with a new mobile phone.

Will the performance of all the media functionality deliver ? It should do since we’re talking technology from Apple but expect slow uptake in Europe initially if the unit launches in Q4 at the prices quoted.

Think, Steve. While we know the consumer has to pay for the innovation, many of us already have internet enabled phones and iPods. Drop the price and I’m sold for my next upgrade!

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