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Before I sign off for 2007, here’s some of my most recent dashboarding work with Crystal Xcelsius. Click the images for a larger view.

Images removed.
I hope some of these will get your creative juices flowing. If you’d like to know more about any of these, don’t hesitate to contact me via LinkedIn in the new year.

That’s all folks! I’m off out of Dublin for the holidays so Merry Christmas to all and here’s hoping for a prosperous 2008!


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BlogPatrol was down again today so while well and truly pissed off I thought I’d try sign up for what looks to be an excellent offering from W3Counter. Hey what do ya know, it’s invitation only.

Despite the then black text in the form heading I filled out the usuals and clicked Submit, only to find the text gleefully turn RED (about the same time I did!) and I could almost hear it say “I cant let you do that Dave”.

W3Counter.com Signup-Invite Only

Answer me this W3Counter, just what do you call “early 2007” eh? And how do you choose who to invite? You have a great looking service, if only people could use it. If I’d tried to buy a pig in a bag and chosen the $4.95 a month Personal Account offering at signup would we be having this problem? I think not.

Shame how something great can be so easily ruined by lack of insight. How can you expect people to shell out for paid offerings before taking the test drive? Alienating customers at signup…pathetic.

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Forget James Blunt and James Morrison, there’s another rising star you have to hear. Just a quick mention on Paolo Nutini, one of my picks for further stardom in 2007.


I’ve had his album “These Streets” on my iPod for the past week and been listening to it a lot. If you haven’t heard any of the singles released to date check them out below, plus the title track, and go buy the album. You wont regret it!

1. Jenny Don’t Be Hasty Listen
2. Last Request Listen
3. Rewind Listen
5. These Streets Listen

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Yeah it’s completely off topic but I saw this earlier and couldn’t resist the gag!

Britney wants to follow in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie and Madonna by adopting a boy called Wang from Bali, a child orphaned by the Asian tsunami of 2004.

Get the story here. Poor silly slapper!

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It’s funny sometimes what your visitor stats can reveal. A glance at mine this morning shows an early morning hit from a Microsoft Ireland employee reading my “Zune is Rubbish” related post.


I wonder if it’s someone involved with European marketing of the Zune trying to gauge opinion / market perception of the unit from the blogosphere. I wonder if they’re thinking about a different approach to it’s marketing in Europe, particularly in Ireland where the iPod is so huge. Let’s hope they get rid of those ridiculous “Join the social” ads. The Zune tag line just had to include the word “social” since the whole direction of the web changed with the social networking explosion of 2006 didn’t it! Someone at Redmond thought so anyways.

Perhaps even more curious is the unknown Windows version registered for the same hit. Is BlogPatrol not registering hits from machines running Vista? Has Microsoft already (probably long since) rolled out Vista internally?

If you know, please leave a comment and let me know !

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Here’s a site you might not have seen on your travels. Your 15 Minutes.com could be one to watch, with the promise of 15 Minutes TV and Radio coming soon. Visit the site to upload your picture, video intro/pitch or flash demo of your product and the site guarantees to post you on the front page for at least 15 minutes, for free. How’s that for promotion? The site supposedly changes 96 times a day so you’ll get your turn.

Yeah it looks and probably sounds amateurish right now, with layout problems in Mozilla based browsers and the front page showing someone’s cat, but with some imagination it could be a handy free advertising tool for startups. Damn it, post your logo or flash demo and see what happens eh ? Make sure whatever you post carries your website address so you can monitor referrals and any traffic boost that may happen.

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A Microsoft sponsored study by 3Sharp has found that the IE7 Anti-Phishing toolbar is the best blocker of all those nasty phishing sites you keep hearing about, well 100 of them anyway. You can read the full story below.

MS Anti-phishing tool wins MS Bakeoff

Multiple news tabs open in one Internet Explorer 7 browser window

The Microsoft Internet Explorer Weblog

Is just 100 sites a sufficient test of any piece of software in a time where 100+ variants of malware appear each day, including these badly behaved sites? I dont think so. I wonder how much Bill and Co shelled out for the self publicity.

Apparently they also found that Site Advisor from McAfee also kinda sucks, and here was I pondering giving it a go! McAfee claim the result is unfair as they dont claim it covers anti-phishing. I say if not why not folks! I guess it’s just given away as a teaser for the full security suite, ya know anti-virus, anti-spyware, the works. I wonder how that would perform in the same study,mmmm !

Come on McAfee, you can do better than those dismal results and give a little more. Oh and talk to the Spyware Doctor folks about how they pull off their scanning at such speeds, your engine sucks IMHO.

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