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Here’s another sample Xcelsius dashboard I just finished off today (thanks Gareth!). Unlike the first sample which used XSQL to directly query the database, this one has been built with Live Office connectivity. Just one crystal report held on a Crystal Vision XIR2 server populates all the gadgets on the right hand panels.

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Hopefully it inspires some as to how to simply represent your most important metrics for daily monitoring. I might get around to adding trend indicators a bit later this week.

As always, feedback is welcomed, and stay tuned cos there’s more to come!

FYI, I’m now topping Google and getting lots of hits for the keywords “sample Xcelsius dashboards“, and Top 10 for “sample dashboards”, that’s kinda cool!


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Scroll down the end of the YouTube home page today and you’ll find a new link. It seems Google is further helping to shape the direction and hone the creativity of YouTube development by giving it the Google Labs treatment with the release of Test Tube.


It’s the same deal as Digg Labs and others, an incubation area for new site features. Unlike the main site though, you do need to sign up for a YouTube account to gain access.


Go sign up right now because the Stream idea just might be worth a look. Stream allows you to chat with the people online who are watching the same videos that you are. It’s Flash based  and slow to load (forgiveable for Beta!) but worth a look.

The odd thing about it is the very low key mention of it. I’d have had the logo on the main video site, but I guess Streams cant handle the traffic volume the main site gets on a daily basis right now, so don’t tell too many folks ok!

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It looks like I’m finally getting the hang of the whole traffic generation / SEO deal. I just discovered a reader to my blog was referred by Google for the search term “Zune is rubbish” so I decided to replicate his search and find that I’m on top of Google …YEAH!


That Zune related post has had a lot of traffic over the last few weeks with the Christmas shopping public doing their homework on the web. Thanks to all who have visited recently, my traffic is up 300% and more every day ( the “porn on your ipod” drew the crowds too!)

I hope you find an interesting opinion and keep coming back for more 😉

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Since Yahoo, MSN and others have recently done it, it’s not new, but Google have just launched the Co-Op CSE, a service that allows you to build a customised search engine to include on your site.

The cool thing about this is it allows you to index your own site, blog, wiki or wherever you put it plus others you might specify that have similar topic content to your own. You can prioritise the results and alter how the results page looks.

The real differentiator is the option to integrate Adsense and share the revenue. Is this any different to Adsense for Search and will it prove more popular and profitable ? We’ll have to give it a whirl and see!

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I called it right in a post a while back. Now Robert Scoble has provided the evidence courtesy of contributors to his Scobleizer blog. This pic is a joke but I’m sure the thought crosses their minds regularly whether or not to do Goobuntu or whatever they might call a full blown Google OS.

The master plan is a whiteboard on display for all to see and goes some ways to demonstrating the humour and fun that’s all part of working at Google. It’s funny to read that someone recently erased it, kinda symbollic really, almost as if all bets are off as to what’s coming next now that they’ve got hold of YouTube eh?

Check out the full size image of the Google Master Plan.

I’m off to check the Google vacancies, I could use a laugh 😉

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