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Thanks to all who have visited in recent days having found my blog while searching for sample Xcelsius dashboards / scorecards.

Xcelsius Keyword Blog Hits

I’m enjoying working with it and will hopefully get to post some more samples shortly, customer logos etc removed of course!noelia ron paul johanna cardona youtube life imac paris hilton descargar utube galilea montijo facebook google huckabee myspace authority


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Congratulations and drinks all round for Aodhan Cullen and all the gang at the superb web analytics service StatCounter. Aodhan has just been named Business Week’s Young European Entrepreneur for 2007.

Announcement from the StatCounter blog here. Full story from Business Week here.

Well done to all on a thoroughly deserved award, and keep innovating, Ireland needs many more like Aodhan!

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Blogger power is great! No sooner had I posted earlier today that blog helper site Bligter was not mentioned on TechCrunch than along came the search engine referrals, and blow me, they paid some attention.

Presumably the rears of those responsible for Bligter marketing were kicked and it’s now listed on TechCrunch. Due to moderation, my own contribution hasn’t made it on there yet.

Bligter on TechCrunch Swicki

Your favourite Irish bookie is now taking bets on whether Arrington and the Crunch crew will actually review the site 😉50 cent akon authority bebo beyonce britney dailymotion digby facebook fergie flickr google harry potter hillary iphone myspace paris hilton paul potts you tube

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I received the following invite on comments yesterday :

Dear Jim,
I would like you to be one of the first to know about bligter.com a new 2.0 web service for bloggers.
Please visit http://www.bligter.com and feel free to enter any post you like.
Best Regards.
Karen Cho
User experience manager

This site is so new that the famous Mr. Arrington and crew over at TechCrunch haven’t come across it yet, as this swicki search proves!

Bligter Beta Home

So what the hell is Bligter? Well it’s far from bleedin’ obvious. Perhaps Karen would like to explain the tagline for us? “Making blogging easier” how exactly?

Bligter appears to be a poor man’s Digg of sorts, a blog posts collector intended to be a place you can go for inspiration (or just to plagiarize) for your own content when writer’s block strikes, with the ability to locate relevant posts by tags.

At the moment, half the damn links aren’t working to navigate the site and clicking “Get Post” results in the following:

This service is not available jet. We are now collecting post. In a few
days we will publish the first hundreds posts. You may send us a post.
Just fill in the form:

Note the spelling and grammar. This is the case on the homepage too, unforgivable.

Oh Karen, this is just poor, and what’s worse most people you invite to this beta will be so turned off by the God awful site design they won’t be bothered to give it a fair go. My advice to Bligter …get the functionality down then give it a substantial Web 2.0 makeover before any launch.

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I stumbled on this today and thought of a few who could use it’s advice. I’m not a big reader of self-help type books, though some I have tried and benefited from in the past, so I grabbed a copy and hope to get through it asap. If you’re stressed out, grab a copy too and let me know what you think! “ron paul” akon authority bbw bebo beyonce brittney spears dailymotion facebook fergie flickr funny galilea montijo google hot huckabee iphone paul potts photobucket

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This is a test post using ScribeFire !

Powered by ScribeFire.

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Oh the joys of blogging eh! Over the past few months I’ve gone from resisting a move to the new Blogger ( until forced ) to trying out WordPress 2.1 on a free hosting provider that said they supported PHP & MySQL (only to delete my test WordPress database after just a week for no apparent reason) to ending up mirrored on WordPress.com. Phew!!

While transferring the existing Blogger posts to WordPress I used the so called Magic Button and it worked sweet as a nut first time. A couple days later though I decided to try it again to bring in posts added since the original transfer …man was that a mistake.

Here’s what happened when I clicked the so called Magic Button for the second time.

Duplicates OnWordPress.com Import from Blogger

I ended up with around 100 duplicated posts that had to be picked through and manually removed. I’d read about this problem about 6 weeks prior and with no update thought safe to assume that it had been sorted. I think Twenty had similar problems with his earlier move.

Bad form WordPress. With the rate the hosted offering is growing, these teething problems , particularly with transfers from the more popular platforms should be getting sorted a damn site quicker.

So, be warned, don’t press the Magic Button twice!

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