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The big TechCrunch story yesterday was the news that Apple are likely to start selling ringtones on iTunes to coincide with the release of the iPhone. I think it’s a very natural step and the video linked provides some compelling evidence. Judge for yourselves.

Jobs really is a genius. Since dropping the Computers piece of the Apple name and rebranding as a media company, this would appear to be a killer move on their part to further dominate in the mobile media world.

As for Mike Arrington’s dismissal of consumer opinion on the high pricing, well I wouldn’t be so quick to do so.

This news comes as others are talking about the price of the iPhone, which studies are sayingis too high for consumers to stomach. My instincts tell me the studies are meaningless, though, and that Apple will sell these things as fast as they can produce them in Taiwan.

These pro bloggers eh, what happened to listening to the consumer? Yeah they’ll sell, but not like the iPod, until the price drops, period.

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BlogPatrol was down again today so while well and truly pissed off I thought I’d try sign up for what looks to be an excellent offering from W3Counter. Hey what do ya know, it’s invitation only.

Despite the then black text in the form heading I filled out the usuals and clicked Submit, only to find the text gleefully turn RED (about the same time I did!) and I could almost hear it say “I cant let you do that Dave”.

W3Counter.com Signup-Invite Only

Answer me this W3Counter, just what do you call “early 2007” eh? And how do you choose who to invite? You have a great looking service, if only people could use it. If I’d tried to buy a pig in a bag and chosen the $4.95 a month Personal Account offering at signup would we be having this problem? I think not.

Shame how something great can be so easily ruined by lack of insight. How can you expect people to shell out for paid offerings before taking the test drive? Alienating customers at signup…pathetic.

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Vista is hardly out the doors but the Microsoft machine rolls on with word that the next gen OS, codenamed Vienna, is expected sometime in 2009, promising great things from virtualisation and a revolutionary new interface. We’ll see eh!

Meanwhile, Vista developers are busy with the Fiji service pack, and rumour has it this will appear far earlier than originally planned. Take up of Vista must be good, that or Microsoft is resolved to further deliver on quality for Vista by getting the bundled fixes out the door faster than ever before.

Vista successor Vienna planned for Late 2009 – Engadget

Mac lovers, what do you think of Vista, and will Vienna be a Leopard clone?

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What a day! On the day that saw Steve Jobs actually agree with Bill Gates on the fact that current DRM technology is the mother of evils and asking the music industry to make it disappear, Apple has asked iPod owners to steer clear of Vista for ” a few more weeks” until they can release a fully Vista compatible build of the iTunes software.

Apparently iPod owners running Vista have been using the system tray USB tool to stop and remove the unit rather than ejecting it first from within the iTunes software an today’s Apple statement suggests this can lead to corruption, rendering the device useless. Remember folks, it’s not just your average USB key drive so you’ve got to treat it a little differently!

Microsoft has a team on the case and already released an update for Vista to allow iTunes downloads play correctly. It seems now Apple are the ones playing software catch up again!

Apple warns iPod users against Vista – Telegraph.co.uk

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