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Well shit me, less than two months into retail life and Apple have kicked off selling refurbished handsets! Has there really been that many burnt out sensors and factory rejects to refurbish? Man I’d be pissed if I shelled out $600 on June 29th.


Get the full story and comments at Engadget.

Are these factories infested with creepy crawlies or what? I’ll say it for the third and final time – quality slide!

FYI, this is post no. 100, a mini blogging milestone for Jim Bytes. To those regular readers, thanks, and keep reading!


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….now that I’ve got your attention 😉 check out the video of this new owner as she undresses her iPhone and takes you through it’s activation and some of the much talked about features. Enjoy!

Unboxing the iPhone – WirelessInfo.com

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Tom makes some great points in his post today about the looming disaster that could be Friday’s iPhone launch in the US. I’ve always been fond of my Nokias and having read his info I’m rethinking my next upgrade, even if only half turns out to be true.


How will the contracts work here (if they ever decide on a provider), and just how much money will we have to send Apple’s way?

And what about support? If Tom’s source is right it makes me wonder if the Techmeme story of a few weeks ago showing the AT&T iPhone Support manual the employees were receiving in training was a very deliberate leak.

Think about it. As that support manager you’ve got to impress the boss on launch weekend so to keep down the no. of incoming calls would you leak the handbook your employees received? That should cut the no. of calls around activation and navigation annoyances ….mmmmm. iphone youtube noelia ron paul frank rich myspace paris hilton skyblog dailymotion descargar facebook videos music bebo google

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Today’s free Metro paper reports in a gadgets for 2007 feature that the Zune MP3 player and so called “iPod killer” from Microsoft wont be available in Ireland until next October so we’ve quite a wait to find out how rubbish it is or otherwise.

On the plus side, someone is listening as the Zune social site has showed some improvement since my last visit before the holidays, though it still takes too long for the flash to load. Kudos when and where it’s due I guess!

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One of the top stories on Digg and other tech news sites today tells the story of a guy who bought a “refreshed” ( read refurbished ) laptop from a London based Apple store only to find a desktop folder full of porn images when he got home. Apparently an Apple tech didn’t quite do his job right and the 11 year old intended owner had a lucky escape when dad had to reformat himself at home.

Apple sells refreshed laptop filled with porn to 11 Year Old Girl

It’s a worrying trend as this is yet another example of standards slipping at Apple. It’s only about 6 weeks since we saw about 1000 iPods ship infected with a Windows virus thanks to an infected pc at the manufacturing site.

Apple accessories are outselling Zune units themselves this week and Apple are struggling to keep up with the demand. It seems like the world and his dog wants an iPod this Christmas too. My concern is, after so much success in recent years, it would be a real shame to see more serious cock ups in the run up to the holidays, as they rush to stock the shelves and neglect the basics that’s made their name, like build quality.

Let’s hope nobody opens a video iPod under the tree this holiday season to find it preloaded with “Debbie does Dallas” or worse !

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Now this is interesting reading, courtesy of Wired.It seems with a little know how the Nike+iPod training combo that folks raved about on it’s release could allow others invade your privacy, tracking every step you take. Could your habitual lunch time jog be plotted for the world to see?

Apparently the RFID signal output from the Nike shoe back to the widget in the Nano is too strong, recievable up to 60 feet away and is thereby interceptable to other receivers and hacked hardware.

Nike+iPod Nano

The fact that the trend looks set to continue with more of this type of device appearing all the time as folks continually research ubiquitous computing ( chips in clothing etc) is a tad worrying.

In their report, the researchers detail a scenario in which a stalkerwho wants to know when his ex-girlfriend is at home taps into her Nike+iPod system. He simply hides the gumstix device next to her door, andit registers her presence as she passes by in her Nike shoes. If headds a small “wifistix” antenna to the device, it can transmit thisinformation to any nearby Wi-Fi access point and alert him to herpresence via SMS or by plotting her location on Google Maps.

Nike+iPod=Surveillance – Wired (Check out the images, just like something from Bond!)

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The iPod is 5 today. See Steve Jobs on stage at the original launch here.

Congratulations to Apple on 5 years of leadership in consumer electronics and for bringing the joy of portable digital audio to the masses.

Meet the rest of the iPod family tree here.

For those who know me, the 80Gb video iPod is the one on my Christmas wishlist 😉

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