This is probably the funniest and most original thing I’ve seen on YouTube in ages, and I think my geek rating just went through the roof cos I got almost all of them!

Most are references to the internet sensations of the last 12 months or so ( LonelyGirl,Ask a Ninja etc ) but some go way back, remember the antics of Lars Ulrich in “Napster Bad”? Hats off to Dan Meth 😉


I needed cheering up this evening and stumbled upon this. How many memories does this bring back of Saturday night tv? See if it makes you giggle!

Download it here!

Here’s 2 more examples of recent dashboard work with Xcelsius, both executive level dashboards with a view of key contact centre business metrics.

Images removed.

A couple of days ago I had a blog visit from John Santic, Corporate Account Manager at Business Objects, and he’s now added me to his very prestigious blogroll on “Toward the Intelligent Enterprise“. The company includes author and BI & CRM veteran Claudia Imhoff of Intelligent Solutions!

John liked the ongoing sample Xcelsius dashboard posts, hence the link, so thanks again John, and hope you make it to Dublin again soon!

I promised you a Sales Management related dashboard earlier this week, and here it is!


As it’s sales related, in producing this I’ve strived to introduce a new level of clarity and adopted what should be a best practice going forward of dedicating the most screen real estate to the metrics that matter most to the intended viewer. In the case of the sales manager, it’s all about the dollars, so figures like the value of sales for the chosen period and the no. of units sold are given prime position.

On loading, this dashboard runs any combination from a total of 18 XSQL queries and repopulates the gadgets with the results for the chosen date and period in under 5 seconds.

It also attempts to give an insight into how sales and marketing may be peforming as a whole with an insight into the trend for sales enquiries for the last 30 days. Armed with this as a sales manager, I can get a feel for whether or not any current marketing campaigns are working (i.e are we seeing a spike in enquiries taken as a result of marketing spend this week/month? ) and address the situation as the need arises.