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Hey all! Last Thursday saw the official launch of Windows Vista, and for the first time ever in Microsoft history, the simultaneous launch of Office 2007. Enough folks blogged about Steve Ballmer’s speech in NY on the day so I wont bore you with it.

What you may not know is that tomorrow is the official launch of Vista in Ireland, and you can read the keynote etc on this specially created virtual launch site.


Get the full buzz from the horse’s mouth – Technet Ireland Blog

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Hey all! I’m back posting after an absence due to illness. I’d hoped nothing much would happen but wouldn’t you know it there’s been plenty to blog about, so I’ll just mention a few key events of the last 10 days:

  • Vista went to RTM (released to manufacturing) – Early reports on finalised functionality are good and man I wish I had a pc fit to run the damn thing.The pirates raced to release it and the web is already flooded with copies, even the Ultimate edition hasn’t been spared. The pirates are using a few keys that have been built into the RTM release for quick building so expect a patch soon to break these.
  • Office 2007 also went to RTM – I’ve been reading quite a bit on the next generation office release over the last few months and it sure looks impressive. I’ll be getting hold of a copy soon so hang out for a verdict. I’m not so sure on the “ribbon interface” but innovation is always good, and the Business Intelligence and simplified reporting will surely be the key selling points for serious users.
  • Playstation 3 launched – Riots and all sorts of mayhem broke out in the US last Friday when the PS3 launched. We Europeans (and my girlfriend!) have to wait til March, that kinda sucks. A quick search on ebay.com today has 760 listings for PS3, such is the number of lousy gits who just bought a unit to resell for a quick profit. May all your thumbs fall off, and soon !!

I hope this week holds more excitement 😉

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The long awaited release of Vista is getting very close now, and man do I wish I could get me a new pc. Yeah we’ll have to wait til January for the consumer releases but now is the time to prepare like all good scouts should! I keep reading mixed reports of what specs folks will need to experience Vista as intended, so the announcement of the Vista Upgrade Advisor will please many.

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

Test Your Computer’s Vista-Compatibility

One thing’s for sure, my current work horse of almost 5 years wont fit the bill, so I’ll be hoping for lots of room in Santa’s sack ( or a lottery win!) for a shiny new case full of Vista ready hardware. Put one on your list too 😉

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