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Thanks to Fergal Breen of IrishDev.com for visiting today to give me the heads up on an upcoming Silverlight event (free but registration required). Actually he asked me for a plug so here goes :

Time   19.30 – 00:00(vCalendar)   Phone   +353 1890 81 2100
Date   Thursday, September 27, 2007   Fax   +353 1 6614408
Venue   Cineworld Complex, Parnell Street, Dublin 1   Email   info@irishdev.com

Details  http://www.irishdev.com/EventDetails.aspx?id=888

The buzz :

In September,
Martha Rotter, from the original Silverlight crew, invites you to
witness how Silverlight can light up the web with Rich Interactive
Join her, free to learn how to use Silverlight at Ireland’s largest cinema complex. It’s Silverlight, on the silver screen.

If you’re even remotely interested in Silverlight and how it just might revolutionise the development of rich internet applications get yourself there. There’s a drinks reception and chance to do some after show networking too. Maybe I’ll see you there!


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… and in the spirit of “If you build it, they will come!”, let’s see if it takes off.

I read Sam Sethi’s posting on TechCrunch about new entrepreneur matching service “AngelPitch” this morning, pondering if it would work (linking entrepreneurs with business angels / VCs via video-conferencing) or not. It was Sam’s last comment that caught my attention.

Will Angelpitch work? I am not sure just yet as the $150 fee feels like a barrier to me but I would love to see a YouTube like video site where entrepreneurs pitch their business and Angels watch to find companies and entrepreneurs they like.

So, you know how it is, you get an idea, you run with it and ya see how it goes! I’ve started the ball rolling with the launch of MyStartupPitch.

Yeah it’s hosted on Ning Video (for now!) rather than it’s own swish domain but it’s the idea that matters right? People invest in people and their ideas, not just the idea, so get your face in front of those that matter with just a little time and effort.

Are you a startup company, Irish or otherwise, looking for free exposure? If so post your video now, and tell your friends!

Please leave a comment to let me know what you think. Thanks!

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Hey here’s a service I stumbled on today that you might not have seen before called Pingoat. It allows you ping multiple listing services when you’ve updated your website or blog.

Nothing new there you say but what I liked about this is the ability to choose to ping non-English listing services right there on the same page with no fuss. So, if you’ve got the BabelFish translator widget on your site you can hope to attract a much larger no. of visitors.

If that’s not enough, should your site regularly include Podcasts you can also choose to ping Podcast listing sites too!
I’ve just given it a go so we’ll soon see if the desired hits boost happens!

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Wow , it seems like people love to follow every move Google makes and today it looks like people everywhere are reading all they can about the megabucks buyout. I normally get about 10 hits a day but I’ve had 10 in just 2 hours today thanks to the previous posting.

It seems the secrets to SEO and traffic generation are simple – write about what people want to read and keep it current! Oh and always use tagging, if only so you get your face on Technorati now and then 😉

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