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Well shit me, less than two months into retail life and Apple have kicked off selling refurbished handsets! Has there really been that many burnt out sensors and factory rejects to refurbish? Man I’d be pissed if I shelled out $600 on June 29th.


Get the full story and comments at Engadget.

Are these factories infested with creepy crawlies or what? I’ll say it for the third and final time – quality slide!

FYI, this is post no. 100, a mini blogging milestone for Jim Bytes. To those regular readers, thanks, and keep reading!


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Yesterday’s Microsoft Show and Tell has fueled a lot of blogs the past 2 days. There’s plenty of coverage on Techmeme and elsewhere, but in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the plan for the next financial year and beyond.

MS Roadmap Beyond 2008

Items of note include the many incarnations planned for Dynamics, including LiveCRM, the mention of the intention to pursue developing PopFly (the slick web mashups platform still in beta) and Windows Automotive (opinion is divided over having Windows running anthing in your car!).

The less said about the planned next generation Zune player the better 😉

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