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Oh dear! All that good will, innovation and forward thinking and as usual a few teenage boys had to mess it up. The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project was a great idea and though it took a while, it eventually got off and running with shipments of laptops to Third World areas. Reports today say that recipients in an Abuja school have been abusing the gifts by freely viewing porn at their school.

It’s somewhat disappointing in this instance to be reminded that people really are the same the world over, especially teenage boys. Even the less fortunate like these youngsters seem to know that the internet is filled with more porn than they could ever view in what might remain of their lives, and all too keen to explore, such is the curiosity of youth.

Children grow up far too quickly throughout the world as it is today. Lets hope the filtering software due to be added to the OLPC units as a result of this will save some kids their innocence for a few more years.

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Blogger power is great! No sooner had I posted earlier today that blog helper site Bligter was not mentioned on TechCrunch than along came the search engine referrals, and blow me, they paid some attention.

Presumably the rears of those responsible for Bligter marketing were kicked and it’s now listed on TechCrunch. Due to moderation, my own contribution hasn’t made it on there yet.

Bligter on TechCrunch Swicki

Your favourite Irish bookie is now taking bets on whether Arrington and the Crunch crew will actually review the site 😉50 cent akon authority bebo beyonce britney dailymotion digby facebook fergie flickr google harry potter hillary iphone myspace paris hilton paul potts you tube

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Oh the joys of blogging eh! Over the past few months I’ve gone from resisting a move to the new Blogger ( until forced ) to trying out WordPress 2.1 on a free hosting provider that said they supported PHP & MySQL (only to delete my test WordPress database after just a week for no apparent reason) to ending up mirrored on WordPress.com. Phew!!

While transferring the existing Blogger posts to WordPress I used the so called Magic Button and it worked sweet as a nut first time. A couple days later though I decided to try it again to bring in posts added since the original transfer …man was that a mistake.

Here’s what happened when I clicked the so called Magic Button for the second time.

Duplicates OnWordPress.com Import from Blogger

I ended up with around 100 duplicated posts that had to be picked through and manually removed. I’d read about this problem about 6 weeks prior and with no update thought safe to assume that it had been sorted. I think Twenty had similar problems with his earlier move.

Bad form WordPress. With the rate the hosted offering is growing, these teething problems , particularly with transfers from the more popular platforms should be getting sorted a damn site quicker.

So, be warned, don’t press the Magic Button twice!

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Friday Office Fun!

Voting closes at 4.30 today !

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Amazon.com has just released it’s Best of 2006, featuring sections like Best Sellers, Most Wanted and Favourite Gifts across all it’s product ranges. You can view the release here.

AmazonDotCom Bestsellers 2006

It contains a few surprises to say the least and gives a good insight into the buying public, and the lousy gifts some people have ended up with this Christmas!

While it’s no surprise that the various incarnations of iPod were top of the electronics list (note the distinct lack of a mention of Zune!), the popularity of the Nintendo DS Lite (in must have Polar White!) is a bit of a shocker, and who’d have thought the Tony Bennett album “Duets: An American Classic” would top the most popular music gift? Where’s poor Britney? Oh yeah off somewhere flashing her goodies instead of in the studio making anything for Amazon shoppers 😉

I’m a bit surprised our Snow Patrol or U2’s “U218 Singles” didnt make top of the music lists. Has America bought enough U2 greatest hits albums ? Mmmm.

There’s some weird stuff on there and no mistake…what’s with the Pampers Cruisers? I would have thought the “Sims Pets” would have been on more people’s wish list and not “Sims Open for Busines” as the pets are so damn cute !

You Americans eh!

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