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This is Jawed Karim, 27 and a student at Stanford. Thanks to Google’s acquisition of YouTube he’s become a multi-millionaire overnight. Talk about right place at the right time!

Karim met the other two faces of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steven Chen when he worked with them at PayPal, and spent many an evening dreaming up the next big web sensation with both guys.

At some stage those dreams spawned a video sharing site that became the biggest thing on the web this year, but when conceived Karim chose not to take up a job at YouTube with his mates, preferring to continue pursuit of his masters in Computer Science at Stanford.

He did however remain on the YouTube payroll as an advisor and that decision has secured his future to the tune of millions! You can read the full story below.
With YouTube, Grad Student Hits Jackpot Again

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Wow , it seems like people love to follow every move Google makes and today it looks like people everywhere are reading all they can about the megabucks buyout. I normally get about 10 hits a day but I’ve had 10 in just 2 hours today thanks to the previous posting.

It seems the secrets to SEO and traffic generation are simple – write about what people want to read and keep it current! Oh and always use tagging, if only so you get your face on Technorati now and then 😉

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So boys and girls, despite all the rumours of all sorts of imminent lawsuits against YouTube for a myriad of copyright content type violations type offences (and failure to act to stop these), the Google machine has rolled in and taken over with an all shares deal worth $1.65BN ! That’s a lot of shares eh 😉

I’ll write more on this later but the best opinion I’ve seen on it so far today, from Mark Cuban, respected tech speaker and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, can be read below.

I still think Google is crazy!

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