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I promised you a Sales Management related dashboard earlier this week, and here it is!


As it’s sales related, in producing this I’ve strived to introduce a new level of clarity and adopted what should be a best practice going forward of dedicating the most screen real estate to the metrics that matter most to the intended viewer. In the case of the sales manager, it’s all about the dollars, so figures like the value of sales for the chosen period and the no. of units sold are given prime position.

On loading, this dashboard runs any combination from a total of 18 XSQL queries and repopulates the gadgets with the results for the chosen date and period in under 5 seconds.

It also attempts to give an insight into how sales and marketing may be peforming as a whole with an insight into the trend for sales enquiries for the last 30 days. Armed with this as a sales manager, I can get a feel for whether or not any current marketing campaigns are working (i.e are we seeing a spike in enquiries taken as a result of marketing spend this week/month? ) and address the situation as the need arises.


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Here’s another dashboard I finished a couple of weeks ago and have had good some good feedback on. It’s an executive level dashboard showing the main KPIs that drive a client’s business, with drillable views of the underlying metrics that make up the overall result for any chosen period.

Sample Executive KPI Dashboard

This dashboard has also been done using XSQL to query views on a datamart within an Oracle ODS, and all data populates the gadgets in under a 3 second load time.

Note the “half dials” used to display the service level metrics, and the use of the X and Y offsets for displaying values in more suitable positions on the gadgets. With a little thought you can almost create your own Xcelsius components.

As usual, all feedback welcomed so please leave your thoughts in the comments. Stay tuned, there’s a Sales Management KPI dashboard on the way before the end of the week!

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Here’s another sample Xcelsius dashboard I just finished off today (thanks Gareth!). Unlike the first sample which used XSQL to directly query the database, this one has been built with Live Office connectivity. Just one crystal report held on a Crystal Vision XIR2 server populates all the gadgets on the right hand panels.

Image Removed

Hopefully it inspires some as to how to simply represent your most important metrics for daily monitoring. I might get around to adding trend indicators a bit later this week.

As always, feedback is welcomed, and stay tuned cos there’s more to come!

FYI, I’m now topping Google and getting lots of hits for the keywords “sample Xcelsius dashboards“, and Top 10 for “sample dashboards”, that’s kinda cool!

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Thanks to all who have visited in recent days having found my blog while searching for sample Xcelsius dashboards / scorecards.

Xcelsius Keyword Blog Hits

I’m enjoying working with it and will hopefully get to post some more samples shortly, customer logos etc removed of course!noelia ron paul johanna cardona youtube life imac paris hilton descargar utube galilea montijo facebook google huckabee myspace authority

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If you’ve built something meaningful in Xcelsius and feel ready to take your skills to the next level, do yourself a favour and check out the tutorials at DataPig Technologies.
Founded by “Crystal Xcelsius for Dummies” author Mike Alexander, it contains some of the best tutorials I’ve found anywhere on tips and techniques to take your dashboards up a gear.

There’s something for all levels, from the basics of formatting charts to using dynamic visibility and a little XML. If I’ve one fault with the site it’s the need for more advanced tutorials that get into Live Office connectivity and other real world integration coverage. Perhaps these are work in progress so keep an eye on the site. noelia youtube ron paul facebook johanna cardona faith hill studivz paris hilton bridge collapse iphone minneapolis galilea montijo minneapolis bridge google authority

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