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I WANT an iPhone!

Well it’s official, the worst kept secret of the second half of 2006 was confirmed, unveiled by Steve Jobs today. The iPhone is a reality and believe me you’re gonna want one.


You can see details of the very impressive specs and all the launch photos you could ever wish to drool over here, courtesy of the Engadget story. By the way, it’s running …well what else …OS X!All other mobile vendors take note, this is some serious innovation and there’s a definite long term vision behind all this that all of you are lacking. The intelligent decision to use an iTunes style interface when docked , coupled with an ever more familiar operating system, will help sway loyal iPod fans and eliminate that alien feeling you often get with a new mobile phone.

Will the performance of all the media functionality deliver ? It should do since we’re talking technology from Apple but expect slow uptake in Europe initially if the unit launches in Q4 at the prices quoted.

Think, Steve. While we know the consumer has to pay for the innovation, many of us already have internet enabled phones and iPods. Drop the price and I’m sold for my next upgrade!

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