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Forget James Blunt and James Morrison, there’s another rising star you have to hear. Just a quick mention on Paolo Nutini, one of my picks for further stardom in 2007.


I’ve had his album “These Streets” on my iPod for the past week and been listening to it a lot. If you haven’t heard any of the singles released to date check them out below, plus the title track, and go buy the album. You wont regret it!

1. Jenny Don’t Be Hasty Listen
2. Last Request Listen
3. Rewind Listen
5. These Streets Listen

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Today’s free Metro paper reports in a gadgets for 2007 feature that the Zune MP3 player and so called “iPod killer” from Microsoft wont be available in Ireland until next October so we’ve quite a wait to find out how rubbish it is or otherwise.

On the plus side, someone is listening as the Zune social site has showed some improvement since my last visit before the holidays, though it still takes too long for the flash to load. Kudos when and where it’s due I guess!

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