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I’ve rapidly become a big fan of the Flock browser for a number of reasons, and you may have seen my recent post regarding my experiences with the memory leak problem others had noticed. Well blow me but who should post a comment on Wednesday evening but one of the Flock development team!!

No doubt thanks to my use of Technorati tagging while blogging with Flock, Jesse had found my post and given a heads up on the maintenance release before Mike Dosik posted the announcement of it’s release early next week.

That’s 10:05pm on Wednesday evening Dublin time.Thanks to Jesse for taking the time to post, but with work being so hectic this week I missed the chance to post the scoop on this 😦  Maybe next time!

Mike Dosik Flock Maintenance Release Update by Mike Dosik

I cant wait to try it out folks, and you should too. Join the Flock today 😉

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