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I came across the link to BlockRocker earlier today mentioned on Tom Raftery’s Blog and just had to mention it. Why ? Well I thought my fellow Irish bloggers may be interested in the distinct lack of markers on our fair island and like to fill in the green!

BlockRocker generates geotags suitable for inclusion on your blog posts, your YouTube videos, Flickr photos and more besides. Think of the possibilities …if blogging while travelling you can include the tags to show where you posted from or tag where your next video upload to YouTube was shot. I really like the latter idea. It again illustrates the trends of today’s web users to do more and share more of what they love to do. A real bonus too is the fact that it makes use of Google Maps, I can even find Mountmellick on there (where I grew up!). I love it and hope others will too.

So what are ya waiting for? Go ahead, give it a go and show the world where you’ve been!

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