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Join my Flock

Hey all!

As promised, a few more words on the Flock browser. It’s been around in beta for almost a year but apparently is really maturing now and I’ve been trying it out for the past 2 days.

So far, almost every aspect of it seems excellent, though I find it a little slower to launch than Opera. That said , I dont have any extensions / plugins installed on Opera so maybe thats the delay in loading Flock.Once it’s up and running it hums along at pace.

With direct links for posting to Flickr and PhotoBucket ,the ability to post to almost every blogging API out there (WordPress, Moveable Type, Blogger etc) and a speedy browser window and feed reader it really has it all. If thats not enough there’s already loads of extensions for interests like geotagging to be downloaded too !

I suggest everyone go get Flocked right now !

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