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Hi all!

Not content with having incarnations of Windows, Office and Xbox in almost every home and office, over the years Microsoft have stuck their fingers in many pies, including some success with CRM. Now they’ve made a grab at what is still the infant market space that is Performance Management software systems.

With the release of Office 2007 versions will come the inclusion of Business Intelligence, available right from your new version of Excel. Will it be more than improved charting and ease of data manipulation (no more struggling with the black art of pivot tables) and will the buying public be able to distinguish between it’s abilities and those of the “from the ground up” systems that cost 10 times the price? I wonder which option many businesses will go for and what the cost difference will really be when you factor in the need to implement Sharepoint and Business Intelligence servers needed to deliver these new all singing and dancing reports and metrics ….mmmmmmm.

Read all about it from these links:

MS Office 2007 BI

Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007

Staying with business scorecards, dashboards, enterprise applications and the likes, check out DashboadSpy for some inspiration on how to design an information dashboard for your next portal based application. It’s got plenty of sample screenshots to inspire how to do dashboards right, and the odd one that gets it very wrong.

On a lighter note, check out the latest from the labs at Digg.com. They’ve been busy giving us a visual representation of all the breaking technology news and how they link and move up the popularity ranks to the Digg front page with the Stack and Swarm apps. Very cool !!

Finally, an apology for the recent lack of postings. I’m going through a process of getting my wisdom teeth out. My newly discovered dentist is a genius. I felt absolutely nothing when I had my first ever tooth out last week after almost a forthnight of agony, but I’m not saying where cos I’ll never get an appointment if half of Dublin decides to visit!!

Bye for now.


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